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Welcome to PandamenFutureClub


Public Mint Active: 1894 Free + Gas

We allow one NFT for each wallet address
You will see your NFT on the OpenSea page


In the future, every pandamen who devote themselves to the blockchain world will realize the freedom of wealth. They were very kind and peace-loving. At that time, the world was very peaceful and safe. Because they lived a carefree life, 8888 pandamen created a club together, played together, new explorations and new thinking.

The Pandamen Future Club  is a collection of 8888 unique Pandamen NFTs— unique digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain.Your Pandamen doubles as your Future Club membership card, and grants access to members-only benefits.Then Follow-up benefits, please look forward to the club's follow-up news. 

Road Map

Explore and think

On the way of thinking and exploring, you will find interesting things and bring them back to the club members

The role of explorers

After all mints are finished, start exploring and distribute the items returned from the exploration to club members

The role of discovered materials

Its materials will bring a different experience to club members.Everything that affects club members, including body, wealth, etc.

Club Global Station

Subsequent clubs plan to open sites around the world.For club members to play.

Peripherals of pandamen products

More interesting projects and more interesting product peripherals will be developed.

Create a good community environment

There will be more fun things for club members, more good benefits, we will continue


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